I Smell Something Fishy About E.L’s Performance Hitch at Ghana Meets Naija – Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei has decided to speak up against the hitch which occurred during E.L’s performance at the Tigo Ghana Meets Naija which took place at the Accra International Conference Center last Saturday. Halfway into his performance, there was a serious technical problem which caused him to put his performance on hold for the issue to be resolved.

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As a matter of fact, it took almost twenty minutes before the show could continue. This was a huge disappointment to the audience and the VGMA Artiste of the Year himself as no one expected such a hitch. But kudos to the 5-star winner at the VGMAs who acted professionally and went ahead with his performance.


Since then, Empire Entertainment, organisers of Tigo Ghana Meets Naija  have received lots of back lash for allowing such a thing come in the way of an artiste’s performance. Actor Prince David Osei has also taken to Instagram to fume at the organizers of the show. According to him, Empire Entertainment should apologise to EL if the hitch during the artiste’s performance at the event was not intended to sabotage him.

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Prince David Osei who admitted he almost broke down in tears during the incident wondered why it did not happen during the performance of any other artiste than EL. He therefore called on all Ghanaians to support E.L rather than hating him for winning the Artiste of the Year award at the VGMAs.

Read his post below:

So about last night Ghana meet Nija…Just my thoughts why was it that the power never tripped?Or microphone messed up before EL performed or after his performance???All other artiste had their microphone and whatever have you, going well for them except EL… let’s learn to love one another the hate,jealousy,sabotage,won’t take us anywhere …Whether Moses or Gaddafi likes or not He’s the Artiste of the year according to VGMA 2016 and he’s Ghanaian the dude got enormous talent… as Shatta Wale rightly said lastnight,we all Ghanaians,if you hate him,you hate Ghana because he represent Ghana wherever he goes…I think the organisers of Ghana meet Naija should render an open apology to EL..If they know it wasn’t a sabotage… my thoughts…let’s learn to love ourselves as Ghanaians…. @ghkwaku @starr1035fm … El where ever you are big up yourself u blessed and a great talent for Ghana no man can stop your shine we know your worth bruv….my fellow legonite @elrepgh thumbs up u acted very professional kept your cool and gave your best,most musicians would have walked away based on the circumstance…

Meanwhile E.L has attempted to clear the air saying he was only frustrated during the incident, but not angry at the organizers.