Princess Shyngle Gets Spotted By US Hit Tv Show ‘The Doctors’ Over Kidney Disease

Wow is the word for the incident that saw Ghana based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle, with the killer figure, spotted by Popular US show ‘The Doctors’ for her kidney disease. If you recall, Princess Shyngle had earlier posted pictures of her hospitalized, saying she was receiving treatment at the hospital for a kidney disease. This sparked up suggestions that it was probably because of her regular use of waist trainers.

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Many people slammed the actress blaming her for causing damage to her own kidney with her desire to have a 22 inch waist. The news about her kidney disease being related to her excessive use of waist trainers had gone viral on the internet.

Princess Shyngle Hospitalized For Kidney Disease
Princess Shyngle Hospitalized For Kidney Disease

This also got the attention of Dailymail in UK, where it was publicized that the actress was diagnosed of kidney disease after using a controversial slimming device to give her a 22-inch waist. The DailyMail version of the story as a matter of fact culminated to the Popular Tv Show ‘The Doctors’ inviting her for a session on their show.

Princess recently received a message from Rachel Glass, Production Assistant for the popular US TV show, ‘The Doctors’ about featuring her kidney story on the show.

She has posted a screenshot of the email she received from Rachel Glass, excited about the fact she was spotted by ‘The Doctors’. But then she made it clear her kidney disease has nothing to do with her waist training.

Her comments on the invite:

So I received this mail from a producer of one of my all time favourite Tv talk shows in the US #TheDoctors with over 2 million viewers per episode. They want to have me on to run my story ????only thing is there is no story to run cuz I ain’t dying neither did waist training affect my kidneys in any way ????chaiiiiiiiiii ????#TheDoctorsthanks for the invite though grateful.” She posted on Instagram

‘The Doctors’ is an American health talk show which focuses on health and medical issues. It features a team of medical professionals who come together to offer solutions to health problems, as well as offer wellness tips.

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So far, there has been no actual proof  that Waist Trainers cause kidney disease.