Rawlings Action Was “Unfortunate”: Vanderpuije’s Aide

The public humiliation of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) mayor, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, by the former head of state, Jerry John Rawling, has continued to stir some mixed reactions among Ghanaians.

In a fresh reaction, Dr Philip Lamptey, an aide to Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, has described as unfortunate the actions of the former president towards Mr Vanderpuije, as the two made their way to Parliament House for President John Mahama’s last State of the Nation Address Thursday, 5 January.

The incident which has gone viral (see video below), showed Mr Vanderpuije making a couple attempts to share pleasantries with the former head of state as both men walked up to the legislative house. In his first attempt to greet the former leader, Mr Rawlings ignored the mayor, and in the second he clearly dismissed him with hand gestures.

Watch The Video Clip

Reacting to Rawlings action on Class 91.3 FM’s 505 on Thursday, January 5, Dr Lamptey said: “It is unfortunate. What happened was unfortunate. I am not sure anybody in the party will be happy unless somebody who is not prepared to support the party to come back to power.”

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The founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has not failed in recent times and even before, to state his displeasure with the Mahama’s administration as well ad with most members of the party. He has accused them of unethical behaviour and corruption, which as he indicated, led to the defeat of the party in the December 2016 polls.

He has as well accused members of the party of sidelining the true principles of the party.

Meanwhile, while some Ghanaians have made light of the situation, while others have displayed their displeasure over the act of the former leader. Some others have gone to the extent of calling on Mr Rawlings to apologise.