See The Move Sam George Makes To Get The Ningos On His Side

Sam George has begun taking quite some strategic actions towards getting the chiefs of Ningo Prampram Constituency and the Ningos in general to forgive him and look past his derogatory comments.

Information gotten from Citi News says that Sam George, the NDC Parliamentary nominee for the constituency, visited the Chief to apologize for his action with two bottles of whisky.

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Sam George had made some insulting comments on radio against the Mankralo of Ningo Prampram. He had described the Mankralo as ‘lawless’. His comments followed the Chief’s decision to support the Ningo people in their protest against installation of ECG prepaid meters.

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In a recent interview, Jonathan Atiapah, a brother to the Ningo Chief had revealed plans of the Ningo chiefs to complicate things for the young MP aspirant during his campaign in the constituency. Mr Atiapah had expressed his disappointment and that of the Ningos with the manner in which Sam George went about the situation. The Chief of Ningo had asked him to retract the statements he made.

In his bid to make amends, the young aspirant reportedly went alongside some delegates to the Chief to apologize with two bottles of whisky. However, Jonathan Appiah has said that the apology will only be accepted after he retracts the comments on radio.

As it is, it seems the chiefs have forgiven him but have given him a condition. Their condition is for the young aspirant to go back to the radio station where he made the disrespectful comments, and in another interview, render an apology to the Chief of Ningo. At the moment nothing concerning the apology has been heard.

Meanwhile Sam George still serves suspension under the NDC for misconduct.