So Sad… South African Tragically Loses Life After Drink Was Spiked In Ghana

A South African expat dies in Ghana, from a spiked drink.

How sad is the story of a South African expat who lost his life in Ghana after his drink was spiked by unknown people. The deceased Nic Udal from KwaZulu-Natal reportedly died on September 9. The location of the incident is, however, not known.

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According to his father who shared the story on, his son had just arrived in Ghana from Mali to work on specialised drilling equipment. He had taken some time off with a work colleague to play the game of pool on a Friday. The two friends had left their drink unattended, as they were engrossed in their pool game. This was when their drinks were spiked.

The two on taking the drinks much later fell unconscious and were robbed. They were reportedly rushed to the hospital after some patrons found them. Though the two were put on life support, Nic did not make it.

This sad and peculiar story has drawn attention from all over the world. Expats working in foreign African countries have been cautioned to be more vigilant and careful in the course of their work. Nic’s father who shared this story did so also to raise awareness among expats scattered across Africa, to save them from the sad fate of his son Nic. Tributes to the deceased who was just 27 years have been rolling in from sympathisers across the globe.

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Nic married the love of his life Dace, last year, and they have a six-weeks-old baby together. Left to mourn him are his wife, Dace Udal, and their 6-week-old son, Leo Gavin Udal, his parents and siblings. May his soul rest in peace.