Any Single Lady Who Wears Low Hair Cut Is Frustrated! – Counsellor Lutterodt

…And there he goes again! Controversial marriage counsellor Lutterodt, who obviously does not care about the buzzing negative remarks against him, has got yet another piece of advice for the ladies. This time around, he gives some fashion advice to the single ladies. Lutterodtt has said that any single lady who decides to cut her hair, has got inferiority issues and is suffering from poverty mentality.

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According to him, such a lady is doing that out of frustration. The controversial counsellor advised that men are not attracted to such, and that unmarried ladies should say no to having their hair cut. Lutterodt who spoke on Kasapa FM’s Efisem programme on Saturday, took out time to advice young women who are still single.

“Why are you changing your image, a young lady who is just at the prime age of marriage there is somebody you should attract, all of a sudden you become a JHS girl then you blame the devil.”

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He explained that it is not wise for any woman of marriageable age to go on low hair cut as it causes her attractiveness to decline rapidly. The outspoken counsellor pointed out that men are attracted by what they see on a lady, and not her character. Lutherodt emphasised that such a style might be perceived as good fashion sense by the ladies, but in the real sense it represents a woman’s frustration of waiting to get married after several years of spinsterhood.

His fashion ‘tips’ has however, not gone down so well among the ladies. Many have taken to social media to blast the counsellor for speaking on something he knows very little about. Most ladies have given the reason behind their low hair cut to be their quest to grow their natural hair. Some ladies have explained that natural hair grows faster, and is healthier than permed hair, which is why they want to embark on a natural hair journey.

Such reservations just might sound like flimsy excuses to the counsellor who always upholds his controversial opinions amid massive backlash.