‘The Civil Service Is The Cause Of Ghana’s Problems’ – Clergy

The clergy are really concerned about the problems faced by the people of Ghana. The Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana has called on the Civil Service to allow for positive changes in their performances. According to the Spokesperson for the Association, Bishop Benny Wood, the Civil Service is the cause of many problems facing the country. He said:

Every problem in Ghana comes from the Civil Service. If we reform and give them performance contract, this nation will be transformed with prayer from the church.”

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This he said speaking on a show on Joy FM.

If it doesn’t get reformed, we can fast and pray from morning to evening it will not work. It is a demon disturbing this nation,” he continued.

The clergy has by this, expressed their concerns over the irregularities in the civil service which is a matter of great concern among Ghanaians.

In the past, former president of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings, called for professionalism, and independence in the civil service. He said then that the civil service should not be susceptible to petty political intrigues. Speaking at an event, he encouraged them to uphold  their core values and ethics so the public can better appreciate their role instead of the perception that the civil service.

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We may have our political sympathies or allegiances but that should not be allowed to override the logic and integrity of our input into government programmes,” President Rawlings said in 2011 at National Delegates Congress.

Bishop Wood also pointed out the unprofessional approach of civil servants to work. He said that most of them go to work any time they like. He urged the service to take their work seriously as their shortcomings has created a negative view for the  Civil Service in the country.