“There’ll No More Be Taxes Under My Govt.” – Nana Addo

The presidential flag bearer from the major opposition party, the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Nana Addo has expressed his decision to lift from the shoulders of Ghanaians the ‘high’ taxes being imposed on them by the current Mahama administration, if he is voted into power.

The recent introduction of new taxes as well as the increment of existing ones by the incumbent government has raised much concerns and bitterness among the Ghanaian populace. Protests have come severally against this move from Organised Labour in the country, demanding relief or increase in salaries, but nothing has been done about it so far.

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The NPP presidential candidate revealed this well meaning intention of his when he was addressing a gathering of the Association of Beauticians and Hairdressers in the country. Nana Addo pointed out to the members of the Association, who comprised majorly of women, that their businesses as well as that of others are being crippled as a result of the high taxation rates imposed on them. He went further to explain that the current administration introduced these taxes as a result of mismanagement of the economy.

Because of the high taxes imposed on every business activity in this country, including yours, businesses are being throttled. It is therefore no surprise that things are difficult in Ghana at the moment. Under my government, these taxes, imposed on you as a result of the mismanagement of the Ghanaian economy will be no more,” he said.

Nana Addo was warmly welcomed by the association, and their president who spoke on their behalf expressed the collective joy of the Association for his presence at the gathering. She further explained that the aim of the association is to defend the interests of beauticians and hair dressers in the country. She also said that the Association also undertakes outreach programmes, adding that, this year, 50 women with hearing impairments will be trained to become successful beauticians and hairdressers.

While responding to her speech, Nana Addo explained that the NPP is founded on a political tradition that strongly holds the belief that a country’s sustained economic development and improvement of the living standards of the people greatly lies on development of the private sector. The party’s 8-year record in office, he said, is a testimony to this fact.

You gathered here this evening, as individual entrepreneurs and self-employed people, representing the private sector. I am of the strong belief that Ghana’s economic development should be led by the private sector. We have an abundance of entrepreneurial talents in Ghana which should be given the free rein to develop, and I can assure you that my government will provide a conducive and enabling environment for that to happen,” he said.

Apart from the issue of taxes, our government will also work to bring down the cost of doing business, especially the high interest rates charged by banks to local businesses. The path to prosperity lies in strengthening local production and local businesses. An Akufo-Addo government is going to devote all her energies, wholeheartedly, to ensuring that this takes place”, he added.

The crowd gathered at the event heralded his speech with a very loud ovation.


Victory for the NPP in this year’s poll, he said, will serve as the catalyst which will restore Ghana onto the path of progress and prosperity.

He therefore pleaded for their active support to help him achieve victory come the November polls. Nana Akufo-Addo also expressed his joy for the presence of beauticians and hairdressers from Togo and Benin at the seminar. He commended the initiative, saying such will help foster solidarity among the citizens of West Africa.

Finally, he greeted the association’s outreach programme, and made a donation of GH¢5,000 to support the construction of their headquarters.

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