These Life Truths Are Painfully Obvious But We Are Fond of Forgetting Them Too Soon


Life has got a lot of ups and downs. Life is really beautiful and at the same time, challenging. Frankly speaking, some facts about life are painful but glaring. The striking part of it is that none of them are completely new. In one way or the other, we have come across these lessons of life. But because of their hardness, we tend to push them behind us, refusing have a full grasp of them nor give them meaningful attention. However, ignoring these life truths does not change anything. It does not render them non-effective. Therefore, the best thing to do is to put them at the back of our minds as we run this worthwhile race called life. You need to know some of these very important and helpful truths about life which almost everybody fails to keep in mind.

12 Important Life Lessons We Must Always Keep in Mind

1. Life is Short – Death is Certain


Its quite unfortunate that a lot of people go about with this misconception about the brevity of life. Whenever you talk about the shortness of life, people’s minds drift to premature death, they just feel you are saying they’ll die young. This is far from it. In as much as not everyone will grow old before dying, the truth is that no matter how long one lived, life is still relatively or rather generally short. One of the things that confirms this is how time flies, waiting for no one. It does not matter what you are doing – idle or busy, waking or sleeping, doing the right thing, or the wrong thing, living or dying, active or passive; time continues to glide swiftly by, and before you realise it, you’ve come to the end of the journey!

So, if we always have this in mind, we will endeavour to make good use of every single moment of our life. Nobody is wishing you death but you have to face the fact – death is certain. Death, the end of life’s activities must come someday. No need to be afraid of it; you can only prepare for it by living your best today – grab every opportunity and make the best out of it!