Three Years Gone: Ghanaians Pour Out their Hearts Over Mahama’s Administration

President John Dramani Mahama clocked exactly three years in office yesterday, being Thursday, January 7th, 2016. He was sworn into office the same day in 2013.

Citi News carried out an opinion poll in the streets of Ghana today to find out what Ghanaians think of the president’s performance so far. While a lot of Ghanaians opined that Mahama presides over very harsh economic conditions, some others feel he still deserves some amount of commendation even in the presence of great need for improvements. Below are the information they gathered according to individual views:

As for me I can see that he has done a lot, he has done a lot. The road sector like this is going on correctly… he is a human being, he can make errors but we have to pray for him and follow what he is doing.”

Another said,

He has done well but there is more room for improvement because now the economy is not in the right direction. We are all suffering and we all have a problem with the economy. Everything is collapsing.”

Things are not going well at all because nothing is working… I need a job. Those of us over here, most of us are under-employed. We need jobs but bad leadership, no right decisions, that’s why we are all here. We can’t get any good jobs,” another lamented.

A visibly frustrated woman told Citi News,

Times are very hard. As I speak I dont have a pesewa in my bag… the president should sit up. There are a lot of poor people in Ghana and we are suffering,” she fumed.

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Another citizen in his attempt to diagnose the failures of the government, said the President’s poor performance can be attributed to the team he has constituted around him.

I don’t have a problem with him [ President] as a person, but the team of people he works with. He needs to probe further and check their background. Some of them don’t know what they are about because this is not the Ghana we have to have after so many years of independence,” he opined.

Regardless of the criticisms of his administration, the President has repeatedly insisted that his administration has performed creditably and that he should be allowed another tenure in the up coming polls this year.

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