Transport Fares Likely To Increase On A Scale Of 10-15% From 1st February

The speculations are rather gradually turning to facts as some sources reveal that transport fares are likely to increase on a scale of 10 to 15 percent from February 1.

There have been various meetings between transport operators and the Ministry of Transport regarding the increment in fares since the sky-rocketed increase in fuel prices. The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) had earlier revealed plans to increase transport fares should the government announce an increase in fuel prices on January 4 which they did.

Since then commercial transport operators have been itching to increase their fares, some have already gone ahead to increase theirs, but (GPRTU has warned every transport worker to put a hold on the act until the union comes to a final conclusion with Ministry of Transport.

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The Parliament on December 23, 2015 had passed the Energy Sector Levy which led to an increment in some petroleum products between 18 and 27 per cent. This however, led to some changes on the ex-pump price of petroleum products. At the moment, a gallon of petrol goes for Ghc15.40 pesewas, while diesel goes for Ghc14.50 pesewas.

More so, at the moment, it seems the government has not reached a conclusion with GPRTU. This would mean that Ghanaians will pay higher transport fares pending when the government reviews fuel prices. It has never been recorded of recent that transport fares increased due to changes in fuel prices. But Transport operators maintain that this increment is a rather drastic one which of course blends closely with other sectors like power and water, so as there are hikes in these sectors, transport of course cannot be left out.

The issue of increment has been the major topic of discussion since the Organized Labour Demonstration which sought to persuade the government  to review the increased utility tariffs, taxes, and fuel pump prices. Ghanaians are really hoping that something is done to avert this situation

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