Unbelievable! Man Buries Wife In Residence; His Reason Will Surprise You

Man buries wife in residence to avoid cost, how much more bizarre could this sound? It has been reported that somewhere in Adawieman, a suburb of Botianor New Town, near Weija in Accra, a man buries wife at his house because he could not afford a fitting burial and funeral for her. The man is believed to have buried the woman near a septic tank in his house.

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The neighbours who were bothered about the situation lodged an official report to the Weija police leading to his arrest. 45-year-old Kobina Chawudi, popularly referred to by neighbours as Efo, allegedly kept his wife’s body in their bedroom in a house in which they lived as caretakers for three days after she died.

The wife Esi Avorkpor is said to be a native of Akatsi in the Volta Region. According to reports, the couple have lived together for the past 12 years. Chawudi the suspect told the police he did not know any of the wife’s relatives, hence his inability to inform them about her death.

Also reports revealed she had fallen ill for some time. However news of her death had emerged when neighbours who tried to find out how she was doing could not get any positive response from Chawudi. The police had also come to monitor the house following the report by the neighbours. Chawudi is said to have told the police during interrogation that his sick wife died on April 13, 2016, but because he did not have money, he kept the body in their room for three days.

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The neighbours said that Chawudi usually weeds around the house and so it was least suspected that he was digging a grave for his wife.

Chawudi is a mason, while his wife was unemployed. The couple had no children together, but Chawudi has five children. The body of the woman is yet to be dug out, as the police are going through the necessary protocols.