Unemployed Nurses Threaten to Remain at Flagstaff House Until…

The Coalition of Unemployed Nurses has threatened to stage an unending demonstration at the Flagstaff house if government did not do anything meaningful as regards their lingering postings.

The issue of unemployed nurses picketing the Flagstaff House is no news any longer as it has been done over and over again, especially since the past year. However, this time around, the group has decided that should they be ignored by the government to embark on another demo at the Flagstaff House, they will remain there until their needs are met.

According to the Coalition, the pact is that they will serve the country after completion of their studies. But now, what is obtainable to them is completely different from what is supposed to be as the Ministry of Health has delayed processes involved in getting them cleared and posted to the various health facilities for eight months.

The Spokesperson for the Coalition, Adams Masawudu, said that a letter was written to the Ministry of Health on the 16th of January, but there has not been any fruitful outcome from deliberations with the ministry. Hence, they have decided to demonstrate and occupy the official seat of government to press home their grievances.

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He further lamented bitterly that government was quick to cancel their allowances immediately they completed their service, but has refused to do something about providing them with proper employment, forgetting that many of them are married and have family responsibilities to take care of.

Mr. Masawudu further expressed his utter disappointment with their mother association, the Ghana Registered Nurses Association for doing little about their plight. According to him, “By 27th of this month, all unemployed nurses will embark on a demonstration to the Flagstaff House and we will make sure that without clearance we will remain there until we get our clearance…”

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In his anger, he questioned where the government expects their acquired skills to be utilized. He further pointed out that the government’s plans of building other health facilities, regional hospitals, polyclinics among others can never be meaningfully achieved if they do not employ the services of health care personnel.