Embittered Fishermen In The Volta Region Vow To Vote Out The NDC

More threats for the incumbent Mahama-led NDC government. As the presidential election is fast approaching, so many individuals and bodies because of one grievance or the other have lashed out at the government, vowing to ensure they are voted out come the November polls. This time around, the threat is coming from Ketu fishermen in the Volta region.

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Fishermen in the Ketu South Constituency of the Volta Region have expressed their anger and bitterness over the government’s neglect which have made livelihood very difficult for them. they have therefore threatened to vote out the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC), come November 7 2016, if the party fails to fulfill it’s numerous promises to improve their livelihood.

The region, which is has overtime been the NDC’s stronghold, has a good number of its inhabitants in the fishing sector. But the residents say their livelihood is being threatened by several factors, whiles the government only appears to be making promises without fulfilling them.

The Volta Region Fishermen’s plight

In recent times, the fishing industry across all coastal areas of the country has been faced with numerous challenges ranging from high cost of fishing materials, depleting fish stock, inadequate storage facilities and illegal fishing methods among others. The NDC government has failed to fulfill many of their promises to the fishermen including that of constructing a fishing Harbour for them. And as it appears ,the NDC may pay dearly for it this November, if they fail to do something about the threats from these disappointed fisherman.

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Delali Tetevi, a fisherman from the Ketu South District, who spoke on behalf of others said it was in the interest of government to improve the livelihood of the fisher folk in the region. He buttressed this point, saying that “When we have more catches, the laborers at the beach will get their share, the fishmongers will buy the fish then it goes on and on. The district assembly will also get their share of the revenue at the market side. If the catches are reducing then it is going against the government; that is why we are calling on government to come to our aid.”

He went further to point out some of their challenges which they are expecting the government to tackle. These  include availability of premix fuel, pair trolling, night fishing…

Moreover, Mr. Tetevi warned that if their concerns are not met, then there would be no motivation to vote for a party that will not meet their needs. His words:

“If you are voting for a party which is supposed to do what you want and you are not getting, the only thing you can do is to advice yourself when the time comes… we don’t just go and stand in the scorching sun and vote for a party that will not listen to our needs.”