Make Sure You Visit Ghana: Ed Sheeran’s Bibia Be Ye Ye Showcases Ghana To The World! [Video]

Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran has come out with a very creative piece about Ghana –  an exciting music video. “Make sure you visit Ghana” – that was Sheeran’s very words when he talked about the music on Instagram.

Released just last yesterday [Wednesday, July, 26], millions of people have been scrambling to catch a glimpse of the music video and what it’s all about. Now you gat to relax and enjoy, ‘cos we’ve got you all covered!

About Bibia Be Ye Ye Song

Ed Sheeran wrote this uplifting African-inspired song about hope with Fuse ODG in Ghana. The song’s title is in Twi, a language spoken in Ghana.

In the video, a mother chases after her care-free son, a woman pounding fufu excitedly sings the song under the heaving pounding. And of course a ‘trotro’  inscribed ‘Bibia Be Ye Yie’ is seen with its popular secondary use as moving motivational speakers.

In an Instagram post to confirm the video’s release, Sheeran gave hints on how the song came about.

“…I visited Ghana last year to make music with @fuseodg and @killbeatzgh, and whilst there was exposed to such wonderful culture, food, music and scenery, ppart of the post reads.

Continuing, he wrote: “Me and Fuse wanted to showcase all of these things in a music video to show off the beauty of it. This isn’t a single, but it’s the summer, and why not have a summer song come out with a feel good video for people to enjoy. It’s on YouTube now, just search Ed Sheeran – Bibia Be Ye Ye. And make sure you visit Ghana, it’s incredible. Enjoy the video !x”

Also speaking on BBC Radio 1 Extra, Sheeran recalled the penning of the tune: “I wrote a song in Twi, the Ghanaian dialect in Ghana, at Fuse’s house with all his mates. That was probably the most fun experience because like…being in the studio with someone like Fuse is just a party the whole time.”

‘Bibia Be Ye Yie’, twi for ‘everything will be alright’. For familiar comparison’s its the Ghana version of ‘Hakuna Matata; , the Swahili phrase from Tanzania made popular in Disney movie ‘Lion King’. The English favorite sat back as at least five Ghanaians sang the song in a domesticated setting certain to thrill anyone with an eye for tourism.

The video since it was released last Wednesday has been watched more than 1.69 million times already. Watch below.

Ed Sheeran in Ghana

Ed Sheeran went to Ghana in June 2016 at the invitation of musician Fuse ODG and spent three weeks in the country. They worked on a few different songs, but only “Bibia Be Ye Ye” is out yet.

The Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, who was in Ghana at the dictates of Fuse, told Accra-based Starr FM that he was touched by the hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

Speaking to Giovanni on Starr Drive Monday, Ed Sheeran said he has been overawed by the reception he has so far received from all Dick and Harry in town – ranging from market women to coconut sellers!

He also said he’s really enjoying delicious Ghanaian dishes like Waakye and Omo tuo.

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“This is my first time in Ghana and it’s not going to be the last,” he added.

News of his coming to Ghana filtered into the media last year. Several reports had said the English act was to come into the country to record new music as part of a career adventure in Africa. It was also revealed he wanted it in Ghana, as he was told the atmosphere of the country is inspiring. Now we see that the testimony is no lie at all.

Ed Sheeran said he has also met other musicians like Mugeez of R2bees and artiste of the year winner, EL.

Fuse ODG on his part revealed that they have already started work on a couple of songs and videos which would soon be released.

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A snapchat video showed the two working in the studios of Killbeatz. In the video, Ed is heard saying after Fuse ODG, “we dey chop chicken in Ghana”. See Video below: