Who Is Idris Elba’s Wife? You Can’t Afford To Miss This!

Idris Elba’s wife at the present is Naiyana Garth, a British professional hair and make-up artist with extensive experience in Fashion, Film, special effects/prosthetic, Body Painting and Bridals based in London.

She is reportedly a 26 year-old lady (15 years younger than Idris who is 41), who studied at the Waldegrave School for Girls in London, and West Thames College in West London, respectively. She later took a Make-up job at Laura Mercier in 2006. Her career in make-up artistry started with humble beginnings at local mall counters. However, her experience quickly advanced from the mall counters to her work with some of the most famous people she has worked with so far such as Film and TV stars in the UK including Jamie Oliver, Rupert Everett, Simon Bird, Freddie Fox and of course, her man Idris Elba.

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Idris Elba’s first marriage was to Dormowa Sherman (1997), an actress from Liberia. He then married his second wife, Kim Elba (1999-2003), a celebrity make-up artist in Atlanta. In 2006, he married Sonya Nicole Hamlin, and the marriage ended same year. Finally, he hooked up with Naiyana Garth and there are rumours that he had married her secretly.

In addition, Idris once dated Desiree Newberry with whom he wrongly believed he had a son. However, a rumour went round in 2013 that the boy whom Idris publicly revealed he fathered in 2010 was not his. He confirmed this after having a paternity test to find out if the rumour was true. He said, after the test results came through: “To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly, was like taking a full-on punch in the face: POW”.


Naiyana is the latest trending girlfriend of Idris with whom he has made a baby boy named Winston Elba, born in April 2014.

Actor Idris Elba was first spotted with makeup artist Naiyana Garth back in March 2013. But the celebrity couple didn’t take their May-December relationship public till that November. Not too long after, the celebrity couple revealed some exciting news—they were already expecting their first child together. On April 18, Naiyana Garth gave birth to the couple’s baby boy. Idris Elba shared the heartwarming news via Twitter by posting a close-up photo of the newborn holding his father’s finger, along with the caption, “My son Winston Elba was born yesterday.…


Since it went viral that Naiyana is seriously hooked to Idris Elba, virtually as a wife, her twitter account went MIA and she henceforth abstained from all forms of social network interactions. It is commonly believed that she is sensible enough to do this so as to shield herself from the very possible attacks of female fans of Idris who are sure to continue giving her some “Regina George’s smirks”, and the likes out there.

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