More Transition Drama! Watch Frantic Woman Almost Stop Mahama from Moving Away after Final SONA

A woman drags Mahama, almost stoping him from entering the car wawiting to drive him away after delivering his final State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday… 

Following the viral video of Former President JJ Rawlings snub of MP-elect Okoe Vanderpuije at the entrance of the House of Parliament yesterday moments before Mahama’s final SONA, another drama ensued after the event at the forecourt of the House.

It happened that as the outgoing President John Mahama was about leaving the venue of the event – the House of Parliament, many people gathered to exchange pleasantries with him, as well as bid him goodbye.

However, a woman (unidentified) who appeared to be emotional about Mahama’s departure wanted something more than just a handshake, a smile, a wave of the hand or such like gestures which every other person was receiving from the President.

She had to come closer and give Mahama a hug – well, that would still have gone unnoticed if she stopped at that. But the frantic woman exceeded expectations as she held Mahama’s clothe from behind to have some more. When the President was not willing to give more, taking a step into the awaiting vehicle, the woman took an extra bold move of taking Mahama by the hand, pulling him away from the car!

It took the intervention of one of Mahama’s security details to shove the woman away, preventing her from doing more before the presidential convoy drove away.

Well, for now, no one knows who the woman is nor what prompted her frantic gesture at the outgoing president.

Woman drags Mahama after Final SONA. Watch the video coverage by 3News below, to see for yourself: