X-Mas Alert: Police To Crackdown On Firecrackers During Festive Season; Be Warned!

The Ghana Police Service (GES) has warned the entire populace against the use of X-mas firecrackers during the coming Christmas and New year celebrations. The warning according to the Police, is in accordance with a special law passed in 1999 which banned the use of explosives during festive seasons.

Per the Executive Instrument (E.I) of 1999  the manufacture, possession and carriage of explosives including display shells, Artillery shells, ball and canister shells and fire crackers are prohibited.

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The GES has therefore issued a fresh warning on the prohibition of X-mas firecrackers in a public notice signed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Eklu and released on Wednesday evening [December 13].

According to the statement, the Ghana Police Service “will enforce the provisions of the Executive Instrument (E.I) 21 of 1999, which prohibits the manufacture, possession and use of firecrackers (Knockouts), display shells, artillery shells and ball and canister shells.”

The Police Service via the notice, warned that “to ensure strict compliance with this provision, personnel deployed for law enforcement duties during this Christmas period have been charged to arrest any person or group of persons who act contrary to this Instrument for prosecution.”

“Members of the public who are already in possession of these prohibited explosives are therefore advised to deposit them with the police officer in charge of the nearest police station,” the statement added.

Below is a copy of the GES warning:

Use of Firecrackers (Explosives or Knockouts) in Ghana

The use firecrackers during festivities, especially the Christmas and New year celebrations is a common practice in Ghana. However, reckless use of these materials prompted its ban by the government.

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The abuse of X-mas firecrackers, and other types of explosives had on different occasions, resulted in fire accidents which injured people or even destroyed lives and properties, forcing the parliament to enact a law to enforce its prohibition.

The Parliament therefore, adopted the report on the legislative instrument (LI) which conferred on the Minister of Trade “the power to ban the importation of Firecrackers (knockouts), display shells, artillery shells and ball and canister shells”.

The law which took effect from Thursday, December 16, 1999 provides that offenders are liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding GhC5m or a term of imprisonment not exceeding a year or both.